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October 11, 2010
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- Toph vs Terra - by sergio-quijada - Toph vs Terra - by sergio-quijada
What happens when 2 universes collides???

Let's find out in the next image: "Battle for the earth".

Mixing Avatar - Ikuzo universes sounds so much fun, I can imagine so much battles, that Im not sure what else I could try.

Hope you guys enjoy this.

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Kamon72 Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Terra might have the sight and flight advantage but Toph has the control advantage plus she can bend all kinds of earth(sand, mud, even metal). So Toph could win in the end
Uchiha-Ino-Luzbel Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
oh, Glob! this is Super Cool!! (>w<) Nyoh~!
I Love your 'Ikuzo' Concept and Avatar! Great Work!
Toph alsolutly Wins (=w=) jejeje but well, Awesome Pic!

This Otaku FanGirl says MATANA!
owl-aj26 Sep 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Toph would win. Hands down. She has better control over her bending and better taining.
Who would be a good match for Raven?
This is my favorite Toph VS Terra picture.

Here's my take on how the battle will go:
Earthbending abilities: Toph has EarthBending. She needs movement to control earth. She can't lift as much as Terra quickly, but she can make large pillars and shoot rocks faster. Also, since bending's closely tied to the body, trying to wield extremely large rocks will tire Toph faster. Terra has telepathy. She can lift her rocks with her mind, which is different from earthbending. Also, since Toph launches rocks, Terra can redirect them or return them. While Terra can pick up a huge slab of earth more quickly, her telepathy means she has to direct the rock every inch of the way. Therefore, Terra's rocks get slower the heavier they are, a weakness Toph doesn't have.
Vision: Terra has about 180* vision that can be blocked by objects or dustclouds. Toph has 360* EarthSight. As long as it's connected to the ground she's on, and within range, Toph can see it. However, should Terra make an Earth Platform to fly on, Toph will be unable to see her position, and can only see the rocks Terra picks up from the ground as they're being lifted. Also, if Terra's rocks don't fly in a straight path to Toph, Toph won't be able to anticipate the trick.
Mentality: Toph is tough and good at insults. Terra is stubborn and somewhat easily angered. If Terra can remain calm and quiet, Toph will be at the disadvantage. Anything else swings the favor to Toph.
Other abilities: Toph can metalbend. However, during her teenage years, she needed direct contact with the metal in order to bend it, making it more like metalmoving than true metalbending. If Terra is wearing a metal armor from Slade, and it's not a pure metal, then Toph can crush Terra using it. Terra, when she loses control, gains control over lava. If Toph angers Terra, Terra gains some power over Toph via lava terrain.

Results: Too close to call. If Terra is wearing a bendable metal, that's a quick and cheap win for Toph. If Terra takes to the air and stays there, she's likely to win. If this happens and Toph can anger Terra, then she regains the favor. If Terra gets too angry, however, Toph could be overwhelmed by the volume of rocks and lava.
kingbobchris Jun 9, 2013
Didn't I see you on another photo . _.?
Nice analysis. Although it looks Terra would win through statistics, Toph is just more skilled and smarter when it comes to fighting. Book 2 of Avatar should've just been Toph laying waste to the Fire Nation.
Yeah. My analysis was deep. My results, however, are hypothetical. At the end, I merely explained what factors would drive the battle. For example, I said 'IF Toph can anger Terra'. Considering Toph's tongue, this 'if' is more likely to come to pass than not.
I forgot to explain that the Terra I'm using was post Slade training, but could be pre Slade armor (should it be a bendable metal). Slade is the only person who has beaten Robin in hand to hand, and even hand to weapons. If both girls didn't use their bending, then Terra would win that fight. Bending would be between Terra's free control and Toph's launches, which would be too close to call. The closer Toph is, the less time Terra has to either redirect/stop Toph's rocks or raise another to block it. You must also take into account her training with Slade; she can easily dodge, redirect, or even break the stones using her combat skills. In contrast to Toph's quick launches, Terra can maintain control of and redirect her rocks as often as she wants. I'd also assume that Terra can lift and launch stones farther away from herself than Toph, even if Toph can build pillars from a similar distance.

What would really be fun for a Death Battle is if it was a 3 way fight between them and Gaara.
That would be amazing, only Toph would probs win because she can sand-bend
I haven't seen her Sandbend much. From what I saw, it seems that, aside from sculpting cities in detail, she mainly uses it to launch frontal wave-like attacks, which seem slower than normal rock attacks. This, when compared to Gaara's control over sand, is almost laughable.
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